9 mars 2011

ConFoo Day 1 - Top 10 links

  1. Nice HTML5 video player: http://videojs.com/
  2. Single URL for everything video: http://vid.ly/
  3. Useless but impressive canvas video blower demo
  4. WebSocket protocol (thinks AJAX on steroids)
  5. Be aware of ClickJacking
  6. Location-based API for your apps: http://www.yellowapi.com/overview
  7. Lots of API to integrate into your apps: http://developer.mashery.com/apis
  8. High quality, cross-platform native application development with Titanium
  9. StatusNet, a flexible, Open Source, "twitter-like" enterprise social software
  10. Complementary libraries for JQuery: Underscore.js and Modernizr
Top tweet of the day (by @muhdiekuh):

OH thats actually a good way to generate a random password: let a windows user try to exit vim

Ready for day 2?

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Phodyssey a dit…

Excellent "top tweet of the day". Lol.

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