22 septembre 2011

Top 10 coolest softwares discovered at FOSS4G

1) TileMill
  • Web platform for creating beautiful maps (from shapefile or PostGIS data) with a css-like online editor. It's also a tiling application (using Mapnik). 
2) GeoCat Bridge
  • This ArcGIS extension can easily publish metadata from a list of layers in the TOC into GeoNetwork BUT ALSO publish the data themselves to your WMS server (in the beta version) and keep the symbology (convert into a SLD for GeoServer or a mapfile for MapServer). 
3) Mapnik
  • Powerfull C++ library for creating beautiful maps (Desktop or Web). 
4) CartoDB
  • Online geospatial database with PostGIS in the backend (inspired from Google Fusion but OS). 
5) Node.js
  • Very powerfull javascript program to build scalable applications on server-side.
6) JQueryGeo
  • jQuery plugin that encapsulate a bunch of geolocation functionality into 6 APIs.
7) Polymaps and ModestMap
  • Two lightweight javascript libraries for displaying interactive maps on the Web.
8) CartoSet
  • Customizable geoportal solution that allows creation of nice looking maps and to publish them easily on the Web.
9) Stado
  • Very new product that enable powerfull and massively parellel processing (MPP) architecture with Postgresql and PostGIS. Seem really promising...
10) MapQuery
  • Another jQuery plug-in using OpenLayers library. 

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